INTERVIEW | Lemaitre Discuss New Single “Tree House” & Upcoming Album ‘Substellar’


It’s no secret that we’ve been longtime fans of the Norwegian electronic two-piece band, Lemaitre. The duo is getting ready to drop a new album titled Substellar and it’s going to be a major milestone. While this may be their second official LP release, we discovered in a conversation with them that this is really what they consider to be their debut album (Chapter One was more of a collection/compilation to them).

Recently, Lemaitre dropped their sixth single this year. It’s titled “Tree House,” and it’s the last glimpse of Substellar we’re getting before the full release this Friday, November 19. “Tree House” serves as another piece of the versatile musical puzzle that this seasoned duo has put together for their debut. While the energy on the tracks can range from low to high, brilliant melodies shine through on each tune, giving the listener a sensation of soaring through their music, whether it’s at home or on the dancefloor.

We got together with both Ulrik and Ketil of Lemaitre to chat with them about “Tree House” and the anticipated drop of Substellar.

You can check out the new Lemaitre single below, as well as our conversation with the duo. Enjoy!

Lemaitre – Tree House (feat. Ruben)

We’re loving the sound of “Tree House.” What inspires you the most to write such beautiful melodies?

Ketil: aww, thank you so much! That is a huge question I have tried to answer a thousand times, and I don’t think I am any closer to giving anyone a good answer! It’s red wine, it’s the jingle in the elevator, hustling through an airport, or in this particular case with “Tree House:” a long bus ride with a tiny keyboard that gave birth to the opening chords. Then eight more hours on that same bus.

Ulrik: For me, it’s probably the red wine…

You guys are about to drop your first album since 2017. What can you speak of that time since then, you’re growth as a band, and why you’re excited about this next release?

Ulrik: Well, Chapter One in 2017 was pretty much just a summary of our many EP’s up to that point, so if we are going to be completely honest here, Substellar will actually be our debut album after 11 years as a band.

Ketil: Haha! People never seem to connect the dots on that one… wait a minute… but you’ve been around forever? I guess we’re late bloomers! So we are stoked, excited, anxious, terrified… But mostly just glad we finally came around to doing it. Ulrik: Yeah, the pandemic and quarantine pretty much served like a gun to the head! If we didn’t do it now, when?

What’s the best setting for listening to this album from start to finish?

Ulrik: Oh, like most bands who produce themselves, we love when people listen to our stuff with headphones. We leave a lot of small quirks here and there, and nothing excites me more than when someone approaches us and goes like “hey, that thing in that song… what the hell is that!?” It’s like movie directors hiding things in the props.

Ketil: But please, enjoy our music in any way you see fit!

If you could perform Substellar to your fans in any location, without any restriction, where would it be and why?

Ketil: asking an artist that questions after having an effective tour ban for almost two years… Haha! Anyone, anywhere, anytime! But we’ve been very fortunate in the past, and we’ve been to places we’ve never imagined playing. Having said that, we would both love to tour more in South America and Asia. We actually had plans for both, but that thing happened, so…..

What’s the best memory that comes to mind during the process of crafting Substellar?

Ketil: For me, it was two things. First, when I got some of my instruments back from LA, as I have lived in Norway during the pandemic with no way of getting back into the US. All of our stuff was left behind at our house in LA. I of course had access to instruments in Oslo, but man… There’s just something about those pieces of home. The other one was probably when we got the first version of the album after mastering. It always is. I’ve never been the rough mix-guy. I love it when our stuff has been through that process. It’s the same house, but with an extra coat of paint.

How do you plan on celebrating the release of Substellar next Friday?

Ulrik: I think I actually have an appointment at my dentist!!

Ketil: Maybe she can play the album?

Ulrik: It’s he, and he always listens to stuff like Kenny G. While I don’t want shade Kenny G, as he is the GOAT in the easy listening game… Let’s just say I hope I won’t need a root canal.

Ketil: Haha! Now I kinda hope you do…. But we are throwing a party at a club in Oslo together with a few of our artist friends. So it should be about 500 people on the dance floor celebrating the album release together with us all night long.