INTERVIEW | Rising Artist Nolie Discusses New ‘Dontyoumind’ EP, Touring Right Before Covid, & More

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Nolie is an artist you definitely need to be keeping your eye on. He’s fresh out the gates, recently transitioning from a photographer who worked in the industry to making his own music. He’s just released his first EP, and considering his talent, it’s evident why he made the change.

The new project, which just arrive today, is called Dontyoumind, and it features six tracks of lightly blended, dreamy and dancey bedroom pop. We’re really vibing with Nolie’s style and we’re excited to share this project with you today. It’s sweet, lighthearted, sincere, but most of all, fun.

We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with this bright young mind and talk about the EP, his favorite artists, his former love for hardcore music, and much more.

Stream the new EP from Nolie below, and check out our conversation with him as well. Enjoy!

Nolie – Dontyoumind

Current favorite artists: Alto Palo are my newest favorite for sure, but I’m always listening to a healthy blend of King Princess, Rostam and Rhye at the moment
Most recent Google search: Nothing too spicy, The Comedy Store Documentary and apparently a tab open searching Dolly Parton haha
Favorite studio session snack: Gimme all of the dried mangos and tea
Favorite quarantine pastime: It’s definitey not watching 90 Day Fiance 🙃

You returned from a 17-date tour just as lockdowns began. What did you learn from those shows? Did going into quarantine change your perspective on them at all?

That tour already feels like an entirely different year. I was definitely lucky having had touring experience as a photographer for 3 years before this, so there was no like shock to being on “the road” but this was obviously an ENTIRELY different experience and one that I absolutely loved as horrifying as it may have been.

I think going into quarantine, none of us knew what was about to happen. As much as I would have loved to do a few more runs this year, it became a blessing in disguise for my writing and just sort of pumping the brakes and allowing me to breathe a bit, I definitely miss the excitement of it all and just traveling in general, it will be a greaaaaat day when we can all get back to it safely.

What’s the key to keeping a positive and creative mind during this time?

READ A BOOK!! like a real tangible book – put your phone away for an hour a day at least and also maybe find a new hobby, I’ve gotten really into Screen printing recently which is something I wanted to do for a while, so like build that desk or write that song you always wanted instead of checking twitter

What drew you to work with artists like Slenderbodies, Christofi, and Jeremy Lloyd (of Marian Hill)?

It was pretty natural how we all kinda fell into working together, With Slenderbodies and Jeremy, we were all close friends before I started this project through my creative work with them etc, I was always kind of making little demos and things, but Benji (Slenderbodies) reallllly set this all off when he sent me a few beats one night in early 2019, out of which my song Renaissance and the ending song “Help” on my EP really took their form, I was always a fan of what they were making and likewise with Jeremy, Christofi and I’s managers were good friends as well and linked us for my first  “official” session and we immediately hit it off writing a few songs, “Come Over” being one of them, he’s just always so solid and really helps bring me into a more pop space production wise. Point behind all of this I was VERY lucky to have such talented friends around me, and even luckier that we musically work so well together

What’s the best way to listen to your new Dontyoumind EP?

I would say start it from Track 1 in your car for best results

What made you transition from hardcore music to this new dreamy-pop sound you’re working with now?

HAHA ahhh the angst, I think like a lot of that scene we all kinda transitioned, I bump into so many pop, hip/hop producers even artists that were formally in the hardcore/metal scene, even when I was in that scene I wanted big production and melody in the way that I yelled so it was looming in there/im still SO emo so that part has really stayed the same

Who were some of your favorite hardcore bands?

The last ones I loveddd were Counterparts, Architects, and Bring Me The Horizon – I would still LOVE to write with BMTH

Do you still work on photography and video work as much as your music?

Ehhhh no, and thankfully so, I’ve reverted it back to something I do for myself and my friends without advertisement of it, I still direct, and etc but I got to a point where if I wasn’t on a tour or a shoot I wanted nothing to do with a camera, kind of what drove me into to making my music again, I love the things and work I’ve created over the last year in that space so much more now.

Pretend for a moment that coronavirus miraculously disappeared. What’s the first thing you’re doing?

This makes my heart flutter lol I’m gonna go see my family that I haven’t seen
since January, and then fly STRAIGHT to Europe to be with friends and write for a few months