INTERVIEW | Subtronics Discusses Goals For New Record Label, Cyclops Recordings


Subtronics has a new project on his hands with his recently launched label, Cyclops Recordings. Not only has Subtronics’ music blown up significantly over the past couple years, but he has a level of engagement with his fans that is paralleled by few. This is part of the reason why he’s so excited for the future of Cyclops Recordings.

With the support of his active, war-ready fanbase, the Cyclops Army (who above all else, push positivity), the sky is the limit. We sat down with Subtronics himself to hear what his vision was for the new label, and what we should be excited for. Take a peek at our convo below, as well as the three different compilation releases from the new label. Enjoy!

You now officially have your own label. What are you most excited about for Cyclops Recordings?

I’m most excited to be able to help out new and undiscovered talent have a bigger reach. There are so many incredibly gifted producers out there who are always pushing the boundaries and it’s time we started recognizing them.

What motivated you to start a label?

I’ve always felt extremely passionate about sharing songs that really resonate with me and wanted to do this for a very long time. My bus tour was cut short in March and with the lockdown we finally had enough time to really put the necessary effort and commitment into the project. Now that it’s off the ground I am ecstatic!

What specifically are you looking for when it comes to music for Cyclops Recordings?

Anything I literally haven’t heard before which is extremely hard these days. I am so so SO picky that if a song makes me go “OOOOO” I will definitely want to release it. I go with my gut feeling when it comes to A&R and trust my taste enough to have faith others will hear what I hear. My goal is to release innovative NEW ideas that shape the future of our musical landscape.

Tell us more about the Cyclops Army. How will you be mobilizing them?

The army is basically a family at this point lol. It started as a Facebook group and grew outrageously fast. We have implemented a main theme of being nice to everyone you meet, being friendly and avoiding all the hateful negativity out there. It has fostered an incredibly loving and accepting community of nice people and I am outrageously proud of them. As for mobilizing, they’re already extremely active and on top of things themselves lol, normally I just pop in and give updates on what is going on and everyone is down.

Can we expect some Cyclops events in the future (virtual and/or irl ones)?

For sure! I think that’s about all I can say right now. We have a lot of big ideas and I can’t wait for live events to come back.

What’s one thing you really want to accomplish in regards to the new label?

I want to fully break out at least one artist. Find someone with a small or zero following, release an EP with them and next year they are headlining festivals. I want to do that with as many artists as possible and create a mega-squad of god tier talented artists.