Introducing Must-Hear New Rapper Tory Lanez: Fourteen & 40’s, Hate Me On The Low, Up (Fell In Love) [Exclusive Free Download]


For those who don’t know, say hello to one of the freshest new rappers I have heard in months: Tory Lanez out of Toronto, Canada.  He has a unique voice and a range of styles that span from confident rapping to melodic relaxed singing.  The first track we have from him, "Fourteen & 40's", packs raw drums layered over smooth production, which creates the perfect canvas for Tory to lay down some syrupy, nod-inducing rhymes.  Next up is “Hate Me On The Low”, where Tory showcases his ability to effortlessly switch between Rap and R&B flows, melodically blurring the lines between the two while somehow managing to tastefully use auto-tune (if I can even say that). He labels his blend "Swavey".  Last up with "Up (Fell In Love)" we get another seamless blend of rapping and singing packing a catchy power ballad chorus that will stick in your head for days.  He has been generous enough to let us exclusively pass out all three of these songs off his upcoming Conflicts of my Soul mixtape. Listen and download below and look out for new Tory on TSIS. Enjoy.

Tory Lanez – Fourteen & 40’s | Download

Tory Lanez – Hate Me On the Low | Download

Tory Lanez – Up (Fell In Love) | Download

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