INZO Taps Alan Watts Once Again For Ethereal Bass Track “Drift Like A Cloud, Flow Like Water”

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Experimental bass producer, INZO, has one of the more unique and identifiable sounds out there. The Denver-based producer’s productions have appeared in some of the biggest festival sets over the last year with his most recognizable track, “Overthinker” already reaching legendary status. Today, he’s following a familiar formula by once again sampling Alan Watts for his latest track, “Drift Like A Cloud, Flow Like Water.”

INZO’s combination of ethereal and heavy bass has proven to be a perfect compliment to the thought-provoking knowledge of Alan Watts. “Drift Like A Cloud, Flow Like Water” stays true to its namesake as we’re treated to an array of mind-melting and motivational bass that feels like something out of the most dramatic sci-fi film.

The track is out via Lowly and serves as the second single to INZO’s forthcoming Earth Magic EP. We’ll keep you posted once we get word on that but for now you can stream the track below. Enjoy!

INZO – Drift Like A Cloud, Flow Like Water