Is GRiZ Quitting Music?


GRiZ is up to something…. and we’re not sure what, but it feels like a big change. He’s been sharing some cryptic messages recently that have us wondering what's going on with the talented artist. After some almost worrisome posts, this morning we noticed he cleared his Instagram page and posted a new image of a blank sheet of paper (see above). We were lucky to find some screenshots of his recent posts that were removed below.

Griz im gonna miss u guys

We've seen this before where an artist clears their Instagram page (A$AP Rocky, Future, The Weeknd) to rebrand in preparation for a new album, but something feels different here. With recent posts saying "Im gonna miss u guys" in addition to "It's about time we talked" and "We're gonna b ok. Just remember to take care of each other", it feels more like what you'd hear from someone who's breaking up with you rather than what you might expect to hear before getting new music. He even said this next album feels like the last one (see below). This string of posts has us slightly confused and very curious what he has planned.

Griz its about time we talked

Just since the fall of 2016, GRiZ has released a full length album, started a live band, dropped a remix album and another full mixtape all while touring nonstop with very little, if any downtime. He's been putting his fans first for years doing events like GRiZmas during the holiday season to ensure others are getting the love they deserve. As fans of artists, we sometimes forget how tolling it can be to put that much time and energy into a project and can forget just how exhausting it is for the artist, as a person. It wouldn't surprise us if all this has burnt out Grant Kwiecinski. Maybe this is his time to move on from the GRiZ project? He still has a few shows this year, but are those going to be farewell shows?

It's been a wild six plus years for GRiZ and after years of being one of our favorites this has us asking what this means. Is GRiZ quitting music? Is he about to start a new album rollout? Is he putting the GRiZ project to rest to do something entirely separate from music? Is he abandoning electronic music and focusing entirely on his live band? Does the blank sheet of paper mean he's starting fresh with a new musical direction? We don't know what he has planned, but something is happening and we only wish for the best for GRiZ and most certainly hope he's not done with music. Stay tuned for more info.

Griz last album


Photo Credit: Jason Siegel