Norwegian Rapper Ivan Ave Dissects Love & Politics on New Single, “Gear”

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When it comes to hip-hop, many people think of hotbeds like New York, LA, Detroit, Atlanta, and other U.S. cities as the places to go for new flows. But one of our favorite deep cut artists, Norwegian rapper Ivan Ave, is breaking down those preconceived boundaries while staking his claim in underground hip-hop with a woozy new single titled, “Gear“.

Ivan Ave wades through the complexities of personal and political quandaries, all the while effortlessly floating atop a placid vibe concocted by collaborating producer, Sasac. Listeners may find their focus irresistibly drawn to tastefully dynamic beat, the clear timbre of Ivan Ave’s delivery, or most likely, the delicate balance of both.

With a vision and direction like this, it’s plain to see why producers like Kaytranada step up to work with this European MC. Stream “Gear” by Ivan Ave below. Enjoy!

Ivan Ave – Gear