Norwegian Rapper, Ivan Ave, Is In ‘Mid Season’ Form On Latest EP


There’s no telling where the next big artist is going to come from and when. The last thing you’d expect is to hear about a rising rapper coming out of Norway, but that’s part of what makes our job so fun. Ivan Ave has been releasing music since 2014 and has since signed to the legendary Berlin-based Jakarta Records. His newest Mid Season EP is his most impressive sound to date and is sure to grab your attention.

Ivan Ave has a warmness to his voice that comes across as cool and confident. He regularly takes aim at the ridiculous aspects of contemporary society throughout the EP, with lyrics that call out Spotify owners, social media, and capitalism. The production contains that perfect amount of 90s nostalgia that would make Dilla proud. They play with retro sounding keyboards and synthesizers throughout the course of three songs to create a unique, whirling and playful style all together.

Mid Season refers to a mid-album-recording process and is only a glimpse into a forthcoming album from the Norwegian rapper. We’ll be sure to keep you posted once we hear more on that but for now you can stream the EP below. Enjoy!

Ivan Ave – Mid Season