Ivy Lab Escape Imposter Syndrome with New Electronica Album ‘Infinite Falling Ground’


Ivy Lab‘s live shows may be chock full of heavy bass music, but their recent studio productions are a masterclass in downtempo electronica. The North London duo (which originally started as a trio) dropped their new album Infinite Falling Ground this past Friday, and it’s a departure from their discography in more ways than one.

In some ways, the departure is obvious—the spacier, more emotional side of Ivy Lab came out rarely in the past—but the duo offered more insight on how Infinite Falling Ground is a game-changer for them in a press release.

“Much of our previous work is born of a whimsical combination of abstract studio-luck & DJ booth fixation,” Ivy Lab say. “And whilst most if not all of these tracks began life under that same ‘caught-a-vibe’ form of design, they were completed with much heavier expectations. It might be our first body of work that escapes the gravity of our own imposter syndromes.”

As Ivy Lab’s creative process changes, it’s only sensible that their sound would shift too. While Infinite Falling Ground does still feature cutting-edge sound design and some hard-hitting cuts here and there, they take us deeper into a more nuanced and interesting side of their music. The album is a slow burn, so be prepared for a steep climb, but once you’ve hit the plateau around the halfway mark, everything comes into full focus.

You can give Ivy Lab’s new album, Infinite Falling Ground, a listen below. Enjoy!

Ivy Lab – Infinite Falling Ground