J. Cole – Higher: Real Sick New Chill Rap Song


J. Cole is one of the rappers you are going to see explode in the next year. He's has the potential to blow up following the feet Kid Cudi and B.o.B. You guys went crazy for the last two songs I posted of his, and I'm sure you'll have the same reaction to his newest single 'Higher'. It's off his latest mixtape, Roc Nation, but this one doesn't have the annoying DJ tags screamed all over it. It's seriously one of the sickest chill songs I've heard in awhile. I'm going to be posting Roc Nation and his older mixtape in the next few days, as they are both way sick. Give this track a good listen, enjoy, and get ready for a lot more from this artist!

Higher – J. Cole | Download

J. Cole – Higher

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