J Flash – Swag (Original Mix) : Must Hear Heavy Electro House Single


It's great when you hear not just one good song from an artists, but regularly hearing new good releases. Today I've got the latest from Colorado based J Flash. We heard his original That'll Work, which was a great electro house track filled with a ton of energy. Then we got a taste of his dubstep side with his Tyle Blue collaboration remix of Manufactured Superstars. Well today we get a super filthy electro house track that will get anyone who hears it moving, a lot. This track has a ton of energy, really showing a new side of J Flash. This track was released for sale through Beatport and charted pretty high in the elctro house chart. He was nice enough to send us an exclusive download of the track for everyone to enjoy without the cash. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Exclusive Download J Flash – Swag (Original Mix) | Direct Download

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