J. Switay Creates “Euphoria” On Trap-Inspired Single


Classical arpeggios, 808s, synthesizers, jazz, hip-hop, and concert pianos are all things you might hear on one of J. Switay’s songs. The classically trained and self-produced artist has been on a tear this year by dropping a new single every other week with a total of 10 songs. That’s certainly no easy feat and his latest track, “Euphoria,” is an epic continuation of this impressive stream of releases.

With heavy influences of EDM and Vaporwave, Euphoria starts off with a calm melody that showcases J. Switay’s emotional lyricism. It doesn’t take very long for the song to take a more trap-inspired turn with energetic synths screeching over a hard hitting bass beat and a distorted chorus. The combination of intimate, yet fierce energy shows off his versatility and has absolutely caught our attention.

Stream J. Switay’s new single “Euphoria” below and enjoy!

J. Switay – Euphoria