Jacana People Unveil Dazzling, Otherworldly Bop, “Era”

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Somewhere deep between the expansive realms of house, ambient electronica, and world music—British production duo Jacana People harvest their sound. This UK pair has amassed hundreds of thousands of listeners, and today we’re excited to have them back on site with their latest single, “Era.”

Fans of the highly diverse sounds of Four Tet, Caribou, and the like will undoubtedly find a home with Jacana People. Their new offering features glistening synth work, diced samples, and organic instrumentation that is as agile as it is unique, ultimately inspiring listeners’ sense of adventure and wonder in all the right ways.

Warning: A rush of major wanderlust may coincide with the listening of this track. If you’ve already been researching that travel route, let this track be the sign to make those moves. Stream Jacana People’s new single, “Era,” below. Enjoy!

Jacana People – Era