Rising Duo Jacana People’s Sound Design Takes Flight On New Single “Fara”


British pair Jacana People has only been putting out music for about a year, but they’ve already established a distinguished and enticing new sound. Past singles from the talented twosome all share a similar theme of serene, yet upbeat sensations. “Fara“, their latest tune, keeps with this sentiment, with a dreamy melodic synths and some creative ambient sound design.

This single is a melodic downtempo song that is the epitome of easy listening. The background is rich with organic noise, giving the rhythm a very grounded, earthy feel, while the rising and falling vocals and smooth chords glide over it. Together, all the elements create a feeling of weightlessness, like flying or floating. It’s giving major festival sunrise set vibes.

Have a listen to this hypnotic track below. Enjoy!

Jacana People – Fara