Jacana People Gift Paris Green’s “Angels” a Glimmering House Remix


Today we are back with an exciting new release from the UK duo we love: Jacana People. These two have just dropped their remix for fellow Needwant Records alum Paris Green and his song “Angels”. Their version came out over the weekend, and they were able to totally transform this tune with creative synth work to end up with a truly unique and alluring sound. 

As they normally do, the Jacana People boys brought their very best composition. They absolutely went in on this remix, adding an insane amount of texture to an already lush track. Over the original beat, they placed shimmering synths and riveting pads alongside their classic tough of ambient nature samples and choppy vocals. All the elements work together to culminate as a stunning song that feels like a dream. 

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Paris Green – Angels (Jacana People Remix)