jackLNDN Converts Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle’s “Move” Into a Dreamy House Tune

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Back in July we had the pleasure of premiering the latest collab “Move” between Sebastian Davidson and Cir:cle. Today we invite you to revisit this track with us now that Colorado producer jackLNDN has added his own spin with an official remix.

The original version of “Move” is a moody, downtempo track, but jackLNDN kicks it up a few notches. He keeps the theme of the main verses from Davidson and Cir:cle’s version, but the chorus is all jackLNDN. Jack pulls the keys to the front, and adds in some extra percussion lines. While he pushes the track firmly into the deep house realm, the rhythm feels infectiously funky. The chorus has an undeniable groove that we can’t help but bounce along to. If you listen closely, there’s almost a tropical feeling underlying the chorus.  The vocal stems, which added a haunting element on the original, blend in seamlessly on jackLNDN’s remix, adding another dimension of sound.

If any of the above sounds like your cup of tea, you’re gonna want to hit the streaming link below. Enjoy!

Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle – Move (jackLNDN Remix)