PREMIERE | jackLNDN Calls On His Progressive House Roots with “Return”


Producer jackLNDN is a beloved fixture in the house scene known for his infectious, fantastical melodies. Longtime fans of his are going to be stoked on this latest release by the London-born, Colorado-based musician, which sees his progressive house skills back in business. “Return” comes out on Friday but we are pleased to be premiering here exclusively on TSIS this morning.   

“Return” begins with beautifully soft synths before the four-on-the-floor rhythm kicks in and the song takes flight. He creates a light and dreamy atmosphere, with delicately placed notes adding to the gentleness of the soundscape. The subtle vocals blend effortlessly into the background, fitting in perfect harmony with the rhythm. It’s a stunning sonic experience with jackLNDN’s signature soulful sound infused. 

Here’s what he had to say about the track:

This track is a return to the classic sound that people have come to know me for. Deep, melodic, progressive house with a touch of vocal layering, this one is for the day 1 fans who have shown so much support over the years! I couldn’t be where I am today without you.

You can listen to “Return” below. Enjoy!

jackLNDN – Return