JAFFNA Drop “You Got Together”, Melodic Deep House Single Off Debut LP


Who ordered a new deep house banger with a side of melodic goodness? Because that’s the next order out of our kitchen, and the plate is piping hot. Parisian producer duo JAFFNA just unveiled a single off their upcoming LP, and it is a warm and bouncy banger. “You Got Together” is off of their Oddessy album, due in October, and it’s the kind of bop that we need to get us through this next month until their next stuff is released. 

The duo really does the harmony on this one justice. It starts with an alluring bassline and seriously punchy percussion, with the soft vocal timbre laid over the beat ever so delicately. As the track enters the breakdown, you are swept off your feet by beautiful, scintillating chords before being whisked right back into the hypnotic tone. It’s a twinkling tune with just enough spice. 

You can stream the song below. Enjoy!

JAFFNA – You Got Together