Jak Bannon Links With Mr. Carmack For Second Ever Single, “The Story”

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Today we’re excited to bring you the newest track from a hip-hop videographer turned musician, Jak Bannon, who has done work behind the camera for some of the biggest names in hip-hop, Dr. Dre, and Diddy.
The Story” is only his second release, and it’s produced by the prolific, beat-making legend, Mr. Carmack. It’s a nuanced track that showcases Bannon’s warm vocals, backdropped by subtle keys and faint ambient sound. Drums slowly kick in as the track builds up to an eerie crescendo of violins and pronounced piano strokes, leaving off with a provoking verse from Bannon.
Jak Bannon has more in the chamber, with upcoming singles with Louis Futon, quickly quickly, and more. He is definitely one to look out for, his talent in videography and industry connections will certainly make for some interesting projects as he blazes a multidimensional path in the industry. Listen to “The Story” in the link below. Stay tuned for more from this dude. Enjoy!

Jak Bannon, Mr. Carmack – The Story