James Blake Shares Haunting New Single “Famous Last Words”


James Blake has shared his third single from his upcoming album, and it’s another simply beautiful piece of music. We’ve come to expect the best from an artist as talented as James Blake, and yet he still somehow manages to blow us away with each release.

“Famous Last Words” is the title of his latest number, and it’s a dark, unhurried ballad that you need to hear. Techno-inspired synths share the production stage with a muffled trap drumkit while a sustained bass line hums along underneath Blake’s otherworldly vocals. The result is a spooky, mysterious sound that you can’t peel away from.

James Blake’s upcoming album, Friends That Break Your Heart, was originally due out this week, however, it’s since been delayed until October 8 (due to vinyl factory delays caused by COVID-19). To make up for the delay, James Blake promised this new single—and he delivered.

You can stream the new single, “Famous Last Words,” below. Enjoy!

James Blake – Famous Last Words