James Egbert – The Limit (Radio Edit): TOO SICK ELECTRO/DUBSTEP BANGER


Today I've got a track I'm pretty stoked about, it's from James Egbert who's an upcoming electronic producer that has worked with some big names in the game like DJ Dan and more, and he's also working with TSIS mashup group Sorry for Partying in producing some original material you'll hear more about. For now here's his single 'The Limit' which is a high energy ride combining some elements of electro, trance, house, almost a little dubstep, and some more, not sure what genre to classify this other then sick, and he really reminds me a little of Skrillex. It requires some massive bass to really get the most out of it, it drops at about a minute, and it drops hard. Turn it up and enjoy!

The Limit (Radio Edit) – James Egbert | Download

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