Jasper Tygner Delivers Sleek, Diverse ‘Real Time’ EP

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Jasper Tygner had an exciting end to 2022, selling out his debut live show and kickstarting the new year with impressive momentum. Earning more recognition for his undeniable talents by the day, Jasper shares his newest four-track EP, Real Time, today on LG105.

Jasper served up intro tracks “Deny It,” and “Need You,” just a few weeks ago, getting us hype to hear what he had in store for the back half of the EP. “Strangers Around” starts with an impactful vocal performance by Just Lil, whose voice perfectly blends with Jasper’s delicate production approach to this track. Warm synths waver as a deep kick guides “Strangers Around” into a chill house groove. Closing out Real Time is “FLLL,” a slow building tune that allows atmospheric chords and floating melodies to shine.

Jasper commented on his new tracks, “FLLL” and “Strangers Around (Ft. Just Lil),” saying:

On “FLLL” – This track was made directly after a trip to Berlin. I wanted to make my own version of some of the techno I had heard, something with interweaved melodies and chords, but still leaning on Texture and structure to drive the track. On “Strangers Around” – I wanted a track where the vocals could shine. Me and Lily had a day in the studio chatting and sharing music. Was a super organic process, one of those ones where you know you have something good!

You can stream the full Real Time EP at the link below, out everywhere via LG105. Enjoy!

Jasper Tygner – Real Time EP