Jauz Unleashes New Bass House Heater “In The Zone” Ft. London Rapper Example


Few genres intermesh as flawlessly as grime and house music. That’s why when he saw that Jauz had enlisted the vocals of Example, the legendary West London emcee, on his brand new single “In The Zone,” we knew it was going to be a big one.

Jauz may have switched gears for a minute on his recent, experimental single, “Dinner Chat,” but he’s quickly back to his heavy, bass house ways with the release of this brand new heater. “In The Zone” features a hammering bass line that thickens as the song progresses, with Example’s vicious flow guiding it along the way.

This new track by Jauz was just released today via his fresh new imprint Bite This, and will be the lead single off of his upcoming album, that is set for release sometime this Summer (Jauz tweeted it would be around the time of EDCLV). Enjoy!

Jauz – In The  Zone (Ft. Example)