Jauz Delivers Impressive, Bouncing New Song “Diamonds” Ft. Kiiara

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Jauz is on an absolute hot streak lately. He's been cranking out new songs with no end in sight and has done it yet again today with a new collaboration with Kiiara on "Diamonds." He has a new album on the way and proves he can do it all on this latest single.

Each of Jauz's new songs have been versatile as he's touched nearly every end of the electronic spectrum in the past few months. This new one follows up his collabs with Lazer Lazer Lazer, Snails, DJ Snake and more just in the past couple months. Kiiara is best known for her works Felix Snow on songs like "Gold" and brings her magic to deliver a airy, catchy topline. Jauz combines gentle horn stabs with crisp percussion and a deep bassline, lush keys and a drop with gltichy synths that all comes together so well. Enjoy!

Jauz – Diamonds (Ft. Kiiara)