Jauz Shares Anticipated New Single “The Game”


Remember that pluck from Martin Garrix's single "Animals"? Who doesn't. Well Jauz has just taken that same pluck synth and placed it into an incredibly groovy bass track called "The Game". The pluck sequence is paired with military-inspired percussion and dark undertones that keep the groove low to the ground.

By the two-minute mark, Jauz adds some electro flair with some hollow knocks and blips. "The Game" has a video game feel to it and after the second drop, listeners hear some nostalgic 8-bit sounds. This has been one of Jauz's favorite tracks to play out live and we're so glad to see it surface in full. Check out "The Game" below and also be sure to tune into his previous single, "Claim To Be". Enjoy!

JAUZ – The Game | Purchase