Jayda G Returns With Stunning, Deeply Personal Dance Album ‘Guy’

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Canadian writer, producer, DJ, and environmental activist Jayda G has won us over this past year. We just recently featured her mesmerizing Boiler Room set and she’s has stunned us yet again with her deeply personal brand new album, Guy.

The 13-track album features many samples taken from tapes made for Jayda by her late father Richard Guy, for whom the album is titled. The tapes, which were given to her shortly after his passing when Jayda was only ten, are a recounting of his life story, and the struggles he faced as a young black man in America in the 1960s, from being caught up in the riots following Martin Luther King Jr’s death, to being drafted into the Vietnam war.

Having drawn sudden creative inspiration following the 20th anniversary of her father’s passing, she began work on the album about the same time her siblings also began creative projects based on the tapes. While the subject matter of the album is serious and at times sad, the lyrics are positive and invigorating, telling a story of strength and overcoming obstacles for what’s important in life.

Sonically, Guy finds the talented Canadian producer right at home as she flaunts her soulful vocals over dancehall-inspired beats. Coming off of the heels of her Grammy-nominated single “Both of Us” created with producer Fred Again.., the album is sure to be a staple in all of our summer playlists. And with Jayda touring the world’s biggest stages like Coachella and Glastonbury, we are sure to see more and more of her in the near future.

Jayda G – Guy

Written By: Bachi Quiñónez