Soulful UK Songstress Jaydonclover Charms On New Single “Secondsin”


We hope you are ready to be deep in your feelings, because this latest track we’re introducing is an intimate and steamy serenade. Coming to us from across the pond, R&B singer Jaydonclover and producer dylantheinfamous have coupled up to create a seriously soulful and sexy beat that’s perfect for your bedroom playlist. “Secondsin” is a double entendre about lust, the Bible’s second sin.

The pairing of the two’s musical talents creates a sound that is lush with emotion. dylantheinfamous lays down a chilling piano intro and bass, and Jaydonclover’s vocal prowess shines through with her hushed, breathy croon and shimmering reverb. It’s a visceral, romantic rhythm, and has an alluring black & white music video to match.

Go ahead and spoil your eardrums by giving this track a listen below. Enjoy!

Jaydonclover – Secondsin