Jenny Kern Shines On Gleaming Indie Pop Song “Coming Back For Me”


While Jenny Kern has only been in the scene for a few years now, the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter is carving out quite the name for herself with her moody, passionate style. Her latest track “Coming Back For Me” is no different; it’s a dreamy and emotive track with lyrics that strike you. It came out in January and has been taking over plenty of indie playlists.

This song is a perfectly sweet blend of the moving melody and Kern’s beautiful ethereal voice. Her vocals rise and fall over the slow-building beat and strum of ukulele and guitar, similar to the swirling waves of the ocean. And the message is a beautiful one that can give even the most brokenhearted some hope: it’s about finding strength and healing in being alone.

We’re excited to hear more from this budding songstress. You can stream “Coming Back For Me” below.

Jenny Kern – Coming Back For Me