Jerry Folk Shares Brilliant New Track “Charlotte” Ahead Of Forthcoming EP


In the midst of a rollout for his new forthcoming EP, Norwegian artist Jerry Folk was planning on dropping another single this week. Due to an unforeseen issue with Spotify, however, the single has been delayed until next Monday. Jerry Folk, being the generous soul that he is, decided to drop a loosie for us anyway, to hold us over until next week.

The track is called “Charlotte,” and it features more of Jerry Folk’s ethereal melodies combined with impactful percussion, laying the perfect groundwork for the soulful vocals on top. According to the description, the track is called “Charlotte” because the vocal sample is pulled from the song “Find You” by Charlotte Day Wilson, a Canadian singer hailing from Toronto. Her vocals work so well here, we wouldn’t be surprised if the two artists linked up in the future!

It’s unclear whether or not “Charlotte” will be on Jerry Folk’s new EP, Leisure Tapes, but regardless, we’re loving it. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming EP, and stream “Charlotte” below. Enjoy!

Jerry Folk – Charlotte