[PREMIERE] Jerry Folk Drops Must Hear Genre-Blending Single “Purple Feelings” Ft. Rainsford


Jerry Folk has made his return with his latest “Purple Feeling” featuring Rainsford, the first release from the Norwegian producer in 2017. This track is sounding like one of his best yet and we're incredibly excited to be premiering it to you.

Released via Folkestad Recordings, the track is the debut single from his upcoming full-length mixtape, Purple Evenings, which is to be released in early June. "Purple Feeling" receives seductive vocals from singer-songwriter Rainsford accompanied by intricate production layers consisting of powerful synths, contagious vocal chops and dynamic percussion. “Purple Feeling” is an exciting showcase of Jerry Folk’s talent and is sure to leave listeners eager to hear the rest of the project. Enjoy!

Jerry Folk - Purple Feeling (Ft. Rainsford)