You Need To Listen To Jessie Reyez’s Amazing Debut Singles “Shutter Island” & “Figures”


Every once in a while we come across an artist that immediately stands out. Through her first two songs, Jesse Reyez has displayed her unique voice that sets her apart. She just recently shared a new song "Shutter Island" along with an intense music video that showed she’s an artist to keep an eye on this year. 

The newcomer Toronto singer’s latest release “Shutter Island” is an impressive R&B ballad utilizing dark, menacing electronic production capturing a haunting vibe. The minimalist starts with a simple melody that kicks into a trap-styled drums with an eerie melody that pairs effortlessly alongside the abrasive, grainy vocals.

"Shutter Island" is an impressive follow-up and change of pace from her previous acoustic single "Figures". On both of her official releases, you can hear the passion in Reyez’ voice as she almost uncomfortably screeches while singing. Her immediately recognizable voice somehow has both an incredibly smooth quality at times while also having a gravelly sound with a sharp edge at other times when she lets loose. You can feel the strong emotion in her singing and can tell these lyrics are coming from a genuine place. Stay tuned for more from this young talent and enjoy! 

Jessie Reyez – Shutter Island | Official Music Video

Jessie Reyez – Figures | Official Music Video