Float Away To The Soaring Sounds Of Jimi Somewhere’s Debut Album ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’

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Over the past few years, Jimi Somewhere has continued to prove himself to be one of the most unique indie artists out there. With a knack for storytelling and a true talent for crafting emotional, forward-thinking music, we’re overjoyed that his debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay has finally arrived.

While Jimi has ceaselessly put-forth an impressive discography of incredible releases over the years, including two EPs, this immaculate LP finds him at both his best and most vulnerable. Serving as a musical expression of some of his most formative years of growth, JS poured everything he had into this album and it definitely shows in the best way possible.

Nothing Gold Can Stay is my whole adolescence wrapped up in 50 minutes. I started making it when I was 17 and I finished it at 21 with my closest friends. Some of it was recorded in my high school dorm room, some in iconic recording studios in LA, some in my mother’s basement and some in my first apartment in Oslo. It’s an album about me & my friends, family, love, heartbreak, faith, doubt, insecurities, confidence, and the undeniable fact that everything ends.” – Jimi Somewhere

Featuring previously released singles “Bottle Rocket“, “Jesus“, “In My Car“, & “The World” & more, JS’ latest offering expands upon the excited, bold and nostalgic sound we’ve come to love from the young talent. And although this 12-track sonic journey delivers a crescendo to Jimi’s teenage years, it leaves the door wide open to the infinite possibilities of Jimi’s music to come. Stream Nothing Gold Can Stay below and enjoy!

Jimi Somewhere – Nothing Gold Can Stay