JIMMY EDGAR Finds A New Level Of Wonky With Long Awaited Album, ‘CHEETAH BEND’

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No one does music like JIMMY EDGAR. He’s constantly explore new sounds and throwing everything we thought we knew about music into the wind, and we absolutely love it. We’ve been tracking this forward-thinking wizard as he’s steadily rolled out single after single, and today that work comes to a head with the release of his new album, CHEETAH BEND.

Jimmy has been warping our reality with singles like “GET UP,” “METAL,” and “BENT,” but its more than just gut punching bass and mind bending clunks that make up this project. “CRANK,” and “CROWN” dial back the intensity and show the Detroit producer’s softer touch, while “NOTICE” and “TURN, recruit the hip hop talents of rappers B La B and 24hrs for some extra flow support.

Edgar’s versatility is one of the things that has brought attention and respect to his game, and this album is a testament to just that. Discover the depth of Jimmy Edgar’s production prowess by grabbing your best headphones and streaming his new album, CHEETAH BEND, below. Enjoy!