Jimmy Edgar Drops Two Massive New Tracks With Danny Brown & SOPHIE

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Jimmy Edgar has established himself as a boundary pushing producer who leaves no stone unturned. Today, the wizard of weird is back with two new tracks titled, “METAL” & “GET UP,” featuring pop producer, SOPHIE, and rapper, Danny Brown, respectively.

“METAL” plunges us deep into the guts of an experimental tune, defying the constructs of music. As searing top synth buzzes like the world’s largest mosquito, metallic clunks and intermittent bass hits stomp around below. According to Edgar, this tune stemmed from a mutual appreciation between he and SOPHIE:

SOPHIE and I met at Fabric in London in the 2010s and since then we have performed live together as well as worked together with artists such as Charli XCX and Vince Staples… ‘METAL’ is reflective of our love for designer sounds finely sculpted on boutique computer equipment.

“GET UP” flips the script on hip-hop has you know it. Jimmy once again cooks up a reality shifting beat punctuated by spine tingling bass and creeping spaced out fills. This time however, Danny Brown does what Danny Brown does goes to town on the mic with his kinetic brand of rap. If you listen closely, you can even pin point his tribute to James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing.”

My brain feels like someone just sprayed it with WD-40, this Detroit based producer is undoubtedly the only artist I’ve come across that makes that feel like an accurate statement. If you haven’t gotten the Jimmy Edgar experience, now’s the time to join. Stream Jimmy Edgar’s two new tracks, “METAL” and “GET UP,” with SOPHIE and Danny Brown below. Enjoy!

Jimmy Edgar – METAL / GET UP