JIMMY EDGAR Announces New Album ‘LIQUIDS HEAVEN’ + Releases Double-Single “SLIP N SLIDE /STATIC”

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Detroit native and experimental savvy producer JIMMY EDGAR throws a signature spin on whatever production he touches. His new double-single, “SLIP N SLIDE / STATIC” is no exception, as the artist flaunts his innovative style ahead of the release of his album LIQUIDS HEAVEN, to come out November 11.

Always one to create his art off the beaten path, JIMMY takes the listener on a wild ride of alternative beats with “SLIP N SLIDE / STATIC.” Both tracks hold their own unique musical identity- “SLIP N SLIDE” being the more upbeat, dance-focused track, and “STATIC” embracing an emo energy with powerful bass and emotive vocals by Banshee.

JIMMY shared his thoughts on the tracks, commenting “soooo excited 2 b back with new music. plz trust me when i say this is my wildest work & i cannot wait til u hear the entire project.”

You can stream “SLIP N SLIDE / STATIC” at the links below, out everywhere via Innovative Leisure. Enjoy!


JIMMY EDGAR – STATIC (feat. Banshee)