Bristol Dance-Music Legend Jody Wisternoff Unveils First Album In Eight Years ‘Nightwhisper’

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Anjunadeep mainstay Jody Wisternoff has come back in a big way this year! Having released quite a few singles here and there over the last few years while simultaneously touring and leading a full-time family life, the legend has now delivered his first album in eight years with Nightwhisper.

“I wrote this album last year during the most hectic period of my life so far. Playing incredible parties in faraway destinations pretty much every weekend, coming straight home to be a full-on family man, and looking after my dying dad. I suppose the creative process of making this record was a form of meditation; trying to find a peaceful headspace amidst such contrasting lifestyles and emotions.” – Jody Wisternoff

It’s no secret that Jody has had quite the journey as of late. With the recent passing of his father, his already hectic life as a heavyweight producer/DJ seems to have undergone a change, leading to a deep time of introspection, resulting in the tremendous weight of joy and pain released directly through this latest offering.

Perfectly characterized by the soft, ambient sound we’ve come to love from Jody, Nightwhisper unravels an immaculate sonic tale packed with emotion. Through the highs and lows of danceable club hits to somber, lyricless ballads, this triumphant LP has a message to convey that each of us will surely experience in vastly different ways. Take a listen below and enjoy!

Jody Wisternoff – Nightwhisper