Joey Pecoraro Explores A Genre-Defying Sonic Realm Via Fantastical New Album ‘Sea Monster’

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If you’re familiar in any capacity with Joey Pecoraro, you already know how powerful and diverse an artist he truly is. Having made a big splash in the world of lo-fi / chillhop, the Michigan-based producer has scrapped his usual sonic recipe in favor of a wild new exploration via his new album Sea Monster.

This latest offering from Joey Pecoraro is an incredibly whimsical new endeavor – the likes of we could have only half expected from the talented sound machine. Packed with inspiration from all over, including Drum & Bass, Indie Rock, House and more, this triumphant LP sees Joey opening a new chapter of his continuously evolving sound.

Stream Sea Monster, out now via Alpha Pup Records below and enjoy!

Joey Pecoraro – Sea Monster