[PREMIERE] Rising Artist Johan Makes TSIS Debut For Eerie Indie Electronic Single “My Friends”

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Today we’re excited to be introducing a very talented newcomer to the site. Johan has shared his impressive new single “my friends” ahead of his debut EP Wilds due on Dec. 1st. 

The musician not only releases his music as Johan, but he also is the man behind a sold out concert called “Yeethoven” that combines music from Kanye West and Beethoven. This new single “my friends” was co-produced by Johan and Imad Royal and puts both his vocal and production talents on full display. Johan’s vocals are immediately recognizable on his songs with his half whispering, glossy vocals being unmistakably his and are as intriguing as ever on his latest. Imad Royal and Johan’s talents combine on the bouncing, eerie instrumental that set the relaxed tone perfectly. We’re excited to hear the full EP in just a couple weeks so stay tuned and enjoy!

Johan – my friends