Join John Bringwolves’ Sonic Journey on Pensive New Groover, “Nihilism”

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We pride ourselves on providing music of many moods and styles here at TSIS. At a certain point, you leave genres at the door and realize that good music is just good music. Our newest addition to the site, Italian artist, John Bringwolves, has a knack for good music and his new track, “Nihilism,” is teeming with the kinds of genre-defying sounds we love.

Crisp acoustic guitars trade focus with kinetic synths while a heartbeat of organic percussion pulls us deeper and deeper into the mix. The rich combination of natural and synthesized elements creates a wonderfully balanced five minutes that will leave you centered and ready to take on the rest of the day.

This new offering comes from Bringwolves’ new album, Sassy Goose, serving as the project’s closing track. The rest of the album is a very strong showing for the Turin based producer, so be sure to find it on your preferred streaming platform. Get your first taste of the LP by streaming John Bringwolves’ “Nihilism” below. Enjoy!

John Bringwolves – Nihilism