John Summit b2b Subtronics Is Happening Again at Lost Lands

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Worlds collided earlier this year when tech house star John Summit went back-to-back with heavy dubstep producer Subtronics at Electric Forest. With so many of their fans enjoying the crossover, which they have since dubbed “Subjohnics,” it seemed like it had to happen again at some point. We now know that it will be happening this week at Lost Lands.

This afternoon, John Summit tweeted a picture of that fused together his own profile photo with Subtronics’ logo. The caption read “THURSDAY,” with a couple of different dinosaur emojis. Lost Lands, which is Excision’s dinosaur-themed dubstep festival, starts on Thursday. Someone pointed out that John Summit is playing Firefly festival that same weekend, but he replied, saying that he doesn’t play until Saturday. He also answered a question about the dynamic of his and Subtronics’ back-to-back sets.

It’s unknown whether or not John Summit and Subtronics will perform on an official stage or if they’ll return in renegade style, as they did at Electric Forest. We’ll find out on Thursday.


— John Summit (@johnsummit) September 20, 2022

mix of both, its a beautiful chaos lol

— John Summit (@johnsummit) September 20, 2022