Joji Teams Up With Diplo On New Album Single “Daylight”

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With Joji‘s signature melancholy sound, and Diplo‘s wildcard effect, “Daylight” was a collaboration that we couldn’t wait to hear. Joji officially dropped the track today, which is the latest single from his anticipated new album Nectar.

This track is a bit more buoyant than what we’re used to with the beloved 88rising star, who still manages to resonate an emotionally charged delivery here. Diplo has effectively brought a little bit of light into the gloomy and familiar world of Joji with his production, and we’re digging the refreshing direction.

While we enjoyed sitting in a puddle of our own emotions after finishing Joji’s previous project, it’s looking like Nectar may sound a little bit different. Nectar is due out on 88rising next month on September 25. Stay tuned for what should be a brilliant follow-up to 2018’s BALLADS 1.

Stream the new Joji and Diplo track below and enjoy!

Joji & Diplo – Daylight