Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Star in Flying Lotus’s New Sci-Fi Horror Film ‘Ash’


There’s been another interesting development with Flying Lotus‘s upcoming new horror movie, Ash. It’s being reported by Variety that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to star in the film, along with Tessa Thompson.

Here’s how Variety describes Thompson and Gordon-Levitt’s roles:

Thompson plays a space station worker who wakes up on a distant planet to find her colleagues viciously killed, and then forced to work together with the man (Gordon-Levitt) sent to rescue her. But as their investigation into what happened sets in motion a terrifying chain of events, the rescuer begins to wonder how innocent she really is.

Flying Lotus will—of course—be creating the score for the film. It’s set to start filming in New Zealand next year.

This will be the second feature-length horror movie that Flying Lotus has created, the first being the controversial Kuso.