[PREMIERE] Rising Artist JUDGE Delivers Genre-Blending Single “Soul” via Moving Castle

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Today we have a premiere from an exciting rising artist JUDGE you should become familiar with if you aren't already. For his latest release he’s delivered “Soul” via Moving Castle showing off her versatile talents.

“We do everything in our lives to succeed and get ahead, and so many of us lose our souls in the process… 'Soul' is staged as a phone call to the person I love, but it's also a promise to myself – that at the end of the day and at the end of my life, I will be able to look myself in the mirror and know I never betrayed my soul – you will be there for me because I will be there for you.” – JUDGE 

JUDGE has worked as a producer alongside numerous artists in the past including Young Thug, Lil Aaron, Mark Johns and more as he continues to make a name for himself. He combines many influences on “Soul” and even offers his own impressive vocals. Staying true to the song title, the track is soulful throughout with the R&B-styled vocals floating atop the backdrop of relaxing melodies, deep rumbling basstones and moments of trap-inspired percussion making the track a genre-blending journey. Stay tuned for more and be sure to catch him at  Insomniac’s “Escape Psycho-Circus” (Oct. 27 & 28) as well as at Gold Rush Fest in Arizona. Enjoy!

JUDGE – Soul