[PREMIERE] Rising French Producer Jumo Makes TSIS Debut With Must-Hear ‘Etape’ EP

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TSIS would like to give a warm welcome to rising French producer Jumo who is making his debut on the site with the premiere of his beautiful two-track Etape (Step) EP
The first track, "Base", is executed perfectly as he gradually layers soft chords and airy vocals with soft and hollow drum hits, melancholy strings and future bass melodies rich with emotion. His seamless mixing and the way each instrument plays off each other just goes to show you what kind of talent Jumo has and what his great potential is as an artist. He says that "every song is about nomadism, emptiness and movement," essentially telling a story from the beginning to end, taking listeners on a journey of multiple moods and energies.
Heir Soir's soft vocals only add to the dreaminess of the track as distant vocal chops, swelling chords and muffled percussion are incorporated throughout. At times, it's hard to even pinpoint what genre the song is as it evolves and taps numerous styles. We highly recommend checking out both songs on Etape EP below. Enjoy!"

Jumo – Etape EP | Purchase