Jungle Unveil Another Euphoric, Soulful Groove with “All Of The Time”


British duo Jungle continue to pour out hit after hit during the rollout for their new album, Loving In Stereo. Today marks the fifth single they’ve dropped in the passed few months with the brand new track titled “All Of The Time.”

While much of the album so far has focused on beaming, disco-inspired dance numbers, “All Of The Time” revisits the more electronic influences of Jungle, and utilizes some amazing sampling. No matter which route these guys take however, it always ends up with us wanting to stand up and cut a rug. They’re 5-for-5 so far with these single releases, and we can’t wait to hear what Loving In Stereo sounds like in its entirety.

According an interview with UK outlet NME, Jungle have realized their full potential with this new album. Here’s what one of the members, Joshua Lloyd-Watson, had to say about the duo’s creativity:

The older we get, the more we stop giving a fuck. The more you can release your fears of what you think you can be or what you can do, you’re just in this creative freedom. It’s why Jungle is reaching where it is and why, in our view, Jungle is reaching its creative pinnacle.

You can stream the new Jungle single below. Enjoy!

Jungle – All Of The Time