PREMIERE | Junior Sanchez Unloads a New House Roller, “Shotgun” with Shermanology

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Lace up those dancing shoes tight, Junior Sanchez is burning up the dance floor with a brand new house hit titled, “Shotgun.” The New Jersey hailing artist has built his talent and reputation as one of the most sought after producers in the world, and after hearing his new track with Shermanology via KULTUR, you’ll understand exactly why.

A seamless rolling bass line and hypnotically uplifting vocals by Dorothy Sherman instantly alert listeners that this tune has groove and soul to spare. Lean into the rhythm, bob to the beat, feel the horns wash over you with gold tinted energy. This track is primed to dance you straight into the heavens and I highly suggest you take advantage of the opportunity.

If you’re a DJ, load this on your flash drive. If you’re a dancer, clear some floor space. If you’re a fan of high quality music, turn up the volume. “Shotgun” is the track you never knew you needed. Well, now you do. Stream Junior Sanchez’s new track below. Enjoy!

Junior Sanchez – Shotgun (feat. Shermanology)