Junkyrd Drops Some Golden Velvet “Spice” with New Hip-Hop Single


There’s a laundry list of traits that can help a song stand out to listeners. Maybe it has a catchy hook, maybe a goosebump-evoking synth line. Sometimes a track just has an undeniable feel to it. And sometimes you get a track like “Spice” by Florida-based artist, Junkyrd, that has all the feel and so much more.

An exceedingly smooth old-school ballad first filters through the background looping us into this gold-tinted space of expression. Junkyrd slides in with a velvet laced voice whose rich timbre effortlessly accompanies its conscious content. This track has all the pieces of a heartfelt R&B tune and masterfully redirects the energy into a poignant reflection through rap.

Not much is known about this up-and-coming artist as he chooses to let his work speak for itself, but we do know that his debut album is due out later this year. If the rest of the project follows suit with this track, that very well may be a contender for our end-of-year lists. Stream “Spice” by Junkyrd below. Enjoy!

Junkyrd – Spice