Just A Gent Releases Fresh Future Bass Single “You’ll Never Know” Feat. MOZA


Just A Gent continues to impress us with his innovative future bass sound. This time he has delivered a collaboration with fellow Australian duo MOZA, consisting of vocalist Cam Nacson and instrumentalist Toby Chew. We’ve been vibing to Just A Gent’s previous track “Leave It All” for the last couple of months, and we’re excited for his newest release “You’ll Never Know.

Just A Gent sets the stage for “You’ll Never Know” with swelling pads and brings the energy up with symphonic strings and piano. Nacson lays out a catchy vocal melody that reverberates powerfully through the atmospheric sound design. Just A Gent drops the track with evolving, metallic synths, heavy bass, and pattering hi-hats before tying it all back together. Enjoy!

Just A Gent – You'll Never Know