Justice Are Preparing Their First New Studio Album in 5 Years

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Hot on the heels of his brand new solo album, Escapades, Gaspard Augé (1/2 of iconic French dance duo Justice), has announced that there’s a new Justice album on the way. If you don’t count the reimagined version of Woman, this will be the first studio album from Justice in five years.

Gaspard Augé took part in an interview with Spanish music outlet Binaural, where, at the end of the interview, leaked this bit of info. He’s not mentioned any details or given any expectations on when the next Justice album would be released, however.

Here’s the exact quote taken from Binaural, translated to English:

I will release a second solo album at some point, and I already announce to you that we are also in the process of making a new album for Justice. We hope to be able to give some news soon.

You can read the full interview with Gaspard Augé by following this link here. Enjoy!