Justice Hill’s Groove Is Undeniable On Genre-Blending New Single, “Outta This”

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When a track has a solid groove, you feel that in your core. The feeling is hard to describe, but if you press play on Justice Hill’s new song, “Outta This,” I promise you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

The Chicago based artist concocts a highly charismatic beat from square one, with his keyboard talent creating a lighthearted countermelody over top the sparse but upbeat rhythm section. His richly layered baritone vocals work alongside NYC-based rapper, Eshe All Day Hues, to provide the final pieces to this unbelievably fun, breezy tune.

This new tune comes as the debut single of Hill’s first full-length album, Room With A View, due out on April 20th, 2021. I’m gonna need the next single to get here sooner than later, because I’m almost definitely going to play this track into oblivion until another one comes out. Stream Justice Hill’s new single, “Outta This,” featuring Eshe All Day Hues, below. Enjoy!

Justice Hill – Outta This (Feat. Eshe All Day Hues)